What is Screening?

"The FMS foundation of our program. Everything we do builds off of it." - John Torine, Head Strength Coach, Indianapolis Colts

pictureOur Screen & Clean program will identify physical barriers and give you a specific plan to remove those barriers.  We use The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to quickly identify movement limitations and asymmetries in the mobility-stability pattern.  Joint assessments are then performed to reveal the specific physical barrier.

The FMS generates a score, which is used to target physical barriers and track progress. This scoring system is directly linked to our Progressive Functional Training  (PFT) Program, which utilizes the most beneficial corrective/strength exercises to restore the mobility-stability pattern. 

pictureThe FMS is performed at our facility and takes approximately one hour. Fitness attire is appropriate along with athletic shoes. The client will perform a series of movements, which will be graded by one of our Movement Specialists. The joint assessments will be done on a therapy table with a goniometer.  At the end of the screen areport is generated in which results are explained and recommendations are made.

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What is a physical barrier?

The body moves in an alternating pattern of mobile joints stacked on top of stable joints. This pattern is called the mobility-stability model of human movement. Changes in this pattern will alter how the body is designed to move creating limitations, injuries, pain, and performance barriers. picture

  • Mobile Joints - Joints that have a primary need for large range of motion.
  • Stabile Joints - Joints that have a primary need for stronger stability.
  • A physical barrier occurs when a joint that loses its primary function. It will subsequently affect the joint above or below it. This results in a barrier that alters the mobility-stability pattern. For example, a barrier in hip mobility will lead to low back or knee pain.

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Move Better
Remove barriers to improve function.


Physical barriers restrict movement resulting pain and limitation, only exacerbated by typical training programs.

Feel Better
Remove barriers to to reduce pain.


Functional Movement Screening uncovers those physical barriers and provides a road map to restoring movement.

Play Better
Remove barriers to increase performance.


Our approach combines all of the most effective exercises into a single multi-disciplinary program called progressive functional training.